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Be part of the fastest growing sector in the food industry in and out of the home with Vbites plant based foods. When you order with Vbites, the bigger your order the less plastic waste. 

With 43.7% of UK considering themselves to be following a flexitarian diet, 16 million brits are planning to move to a plant based diet. If you want the best dairy, meat and fish free range in the market then we can help you...

Supporting your plant-based journey

We at VBites are pioneers of the plant-based movement.

As the pioneers of dairy, meat and fish free alternates since 1993 in our 100% plant based facilities with our award winning array of products. VBites can facilitate all your requirements in this sector.

With over 140 unique recipes in our vault, please feel free to contact us for any specific requirements.

Since our inception we have developed and provided most of the outstanding products in the market both private label and branded within the dairy, meat and fish free sector.

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